Q. What if I don’t know how my vehicle was damaged?
A. Under Maryland law, the claim should then go to the “uninsured motorist” section of your policy. All policies in the State of Maryland, carry a $250.00 deductible on this type of claim. Sometimes the insurance company will want to assign this to your “collision” section, which may carry a higher deductible. Make sure the insurance company assigns this to the appropriate section, thus saving you money on the deductible.

Q. My insurance company told me to go to XYZ shop. Am I required to bring my vehicle there, or do I have a choice of which shop to go to?
A. Absolutely not. As the vehicle owner, and owner of the insurance policy, you are entitled to bring your vehicle to whichever repair shop you want. Often times, insurance companies will push you towards one shop or another because of relationships and arrangements between the insurance company and the shop, which may not be in your best interest, as the owner of the vehicle. These relationships are mostly financial, and are rarely due to the quality of work. At BCC, we work with all insurance companies, as do most repair facilities, so it really is up to you, as the vehicle owner, as to where you bring your vehicle.

Q. How does my insurance work if I hit an animal, such as a deer, or if an inanimate object, such as a tree, falls on it?
A. These types of incidents are covered by the “comprehensive” piece of your insurance policy, which often carries a much lower deductible than your “collision” piece. These incidents generally don’t affect your future premiums. This section also covers vandalism, theft, and acts of God.

Q. How much will it cost if I choose to not go through my insurance company?
A. Our prices are fair and consistent, no matter who is paying the bill. That said, sometimes an owner may choose to not address minor cosmetic damage, whereas an insurance company authorize all repairs. As a shop, we only charge for the repairs that we complete, thus the repair may end up cheaper if you decide to not address certain cosmetic damage.

Q. How much will a claim effect my future vehicle insurance premium?
A. This is a complicated, as there is no set answer to this question. Each claim is evaluated by the insurance company on its own merits, thus each incident may affect your rate differently. However, if your rate does increase due to an incident, it is usually only affected for 3-5 years. Some insurance companies do not raise their rates if their payout is less than a certain threshold, but in general, you can usually expect an increase of about 30% for a chargeable accident.

Q. How long do repairs take?
A. Every accident is unique, and in turn, every repair has many variables that may affect turnaround time. Parts availability, insurance company inspections, and supplements are also factors that may affect how long a repair takes. Whatever the case, we will perform the appropriate repairs as quickly as possible and in a professional manner.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and authorized checks.

Q. Will the original estimate be the same as the final cost of the repair?
A. Not necessarily, as there are many factors that affect the final invoice. The initial estimate is usually only made via visual inspection. There can be damage that is not easily recognized from inspecting the exterior of the vehicle. As we tear down the vehicle, additional damage, that we could not see on the original inspection, will often present itself, causing the cost to increase. We will work with your insurance company on any supplements that need to be authorized as we repair the vehicle. Sometimes, the cost may decrease if we are able to find parts at a lower cost than originally anticipated or repair the vehicle faster than originally anticipated.